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Stephanie Nelson

Occupational Therapist, Owner

“Stephanie is a phenomenal OT. She always explained everything clearly and allowed me to participate in my son’s sessions. We have learned so much on how to help my son.”

I completed my Bachelor of Science with a double major in Biology and Psychology at Mount Allison University. Pursuing my interest in healthcare and my need for creativity, I was drawn to Occupational Therapy. I completed my Master’s of Science in Occupational Therapy at Dalhousie University.


Upon graduation, I returned to my hometown of Moncton, New Brunswick and gained work experience in a variety of practice areas. I provided services to clients in hospital as well as in the community. Most recently, I served a paediatric population ages 0-5, but my work experience extends to community mental health, orthopedics, palliative care, neuro-rehabilitation, school-based and geriatric assessment.

I moved to Petawawa in the fall of 2017 with my now husband. Upon my arrival in the Valley, I found there was a need for paediatric Occupational Therapy, which was not being met. With this realization, I decided to take the leap and realize my long time goal of owning my own paediatric business. There was an opportunity to expand adaptABLE OT with our posting to Kingston in 2022, so I seized the opportunity and grew my business.


My drive for continuing education has led me to pursue many courses in a variety of areas, including sensory certification, handwriting, primitive reflex integration and trauma.

I am in good standing with the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario and the Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists.


As a child and teenager, I spent many hours training in an intensive dance program. Movement remains a powerful influence in my life, and in my occupational therapy practice, and I continue to enjoy spending my time in a dance or yoga studio. I also crave outdoor adventures of all kinds - especially camping, hiking and SCUBA diving - and love to incorporate the outdoors into my therapy sessions.

Thank you for your interest in adaptABLE Occupational Therapy and I look forward to working with you, your child and your family!


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  • University of Southern California - Chan Division, Sensory Integration Continuing Education Certificate Program, 2018-2019

  • Dalhousie University, Master of Science in Occupational Therapy, 2008-2010

  • Mount Allison University, Bachelor of Science, Double Major in Biology & Psychology 

Continuing Education

Over 100 hours, including:

  • Therapeutic Listening (14 hours)

  • Lactation OT Summit (3.5 hours)

  • Mentorship with Kim Barthel (24 hours)

  • Safe and Sound Protocol Certification (4 hours)

  • Infant Massage Instructor Training (32 hours)

  • Decoding Autism with Kim Barthel (14 hours)

  • Eyesight to Insight: Visual and Vestibular Assessment and Treatment (15 hours)

  • Sensory Certification course 1 (30 hours), course 2 (21 hours), course 3 (21 hours), special topics in autism (14 hours), special topics in picky eating (14 hours)

  • Rhythmic Movement Therapy Level 1 & 2 (22 hours)

  • Working with Oppositional, Defiant & Anger Issues in Children and Teens (7 hours)

  • Intro to Forest and Nature School (15 hours)

  • Sensory Processing, Trauma & Attachment Informed Care with Tina Champagne (15 hours)

  • Handle Level 1 & 2 (22.5 hours)

  • Kinesiotaping Level 1 & 2 (16 hours)

  • ABC Boom! (8 hours)

  • Facilitation for Function: An NDT Pediatric Handling Course for Babies and Beyond (22.5 hours)

  • Intersections: The interplay between addiction, mental health and trauma (15 hours)

  • Astronaut Training: A Sound Activated Vestibular-Visual Protocol (12 hours)

  • Managing the Child with Cerebral Palsy (36 hours)

  • Hey! My Brain Doesn’t Work That Way! (3.5 hours)

  • (Intro to) Rhythmic Movement Therapy: Reducing Stress & Anxiety (2 hours)

  • The Traffic Jam in My Brain – A Sensory Processing Approach to Challenges Associated with Autism, ADHD, Learning and Behavioural Differences (7.5 hours)

  • In-Tuned: Beyond Medication (8.0)

  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (15 hours)

  • Non-violent crisis intervention (8.0)

  • Understanding brain differences and sensory processing, teaching self-regulation, promoting stress management and building resilience and community (6 hours)

  • Best Practice in Stroke Care (16.0 hours)

  • The Joy of Seating (7.5 hours)

  • Assessment of Motor & Processing Skills (40 hours)

  • Tools for Tots: Sensory Strategies for Toddlers and Preschoolers with Diana Henry (7.5 hours)

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