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28 Things To Do Outside With Your Baby

Having a baby doesn’t have to be a sentence to stay indoors all the time. Below are 28 activities to do with your baby in the great outdoors. Some you can do in your own yard, others take a bit more planning and equipment, but either way, I hope this list will inspire you to get outside with your babe!

  1. Go to a frog pond and listen to the frogs.

  2. Lay under a leafy tree and watch the wind blow the leaves and branches. Willow trees are Ben’s favourite since they move so much with the breeze.

  3. Do tummy time in the grass. The different sensations from being outside will make tummy time a new experience.

  4. Sit on the edge of the water and splash. This works especially well at a sandy beach.

  5. Put your baby's feet in the sand and let them explore the sensation of sand between their toes.

  6. Read a book outside.

  7. Eat outside - whether you're bottle-feeding or nursing, eating outside is a great way to get some extra fresh air.

  8. Explore local trails and experience the bumps of the stroller over roots and rocks (just make sure your baby has good head control).

  9. Touch flowers and plants, just make sure your babe doesn't put any in their mouth!

  10. Float toys in a shallow basin of water and let him play. For added outdoorsy-ness, place pine cones, leaves, etc in the water.

  11. Let babe take a nap outside.

  12. Plan a play date. Lay a blanket on the grass (or two for social distancing) and let your baby socialize outdoors.

  13. Be still - hug your babe, put down your phone and take it all in.

  14. Feel the wind on your face. Find a particularly windy spot and let your baby feel the wind on his or her face. Ben loves windy days!

  15. Go for a walk in the rain. As they say in Denmark - there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear.

  16. Baby massage. Doing baby massage outside under a tree can be very relaxing for babies.

  17. Fill a kiddy pool with an appropriate amount of water and introduce your babe to splashing around outside. I filled my pool up in the evening so the water would have time to heat up over the course of the next day. It didn't take long since there wasn't much water in it. I also used my large beach umbrella to create shade since I wasn't able to put sunscreen on him yet.

  18. Make a touch pan. Gather pine cones, twigs, leaves, etc on a walk and place them in a basket for your babe to explore. This is also a great way to bring the outside in. Again, make sure you're watching closely so that your babe doesn't try to eat anything.

  19. Do a workout with your baby. Squats, lunges, planks. You know what to do.

  20. Babywear while gardening - the microbes in the dirt are good for his or her immune system!

  21. Go canoeing - get a good fitting life jacket though!

  22. Pick grass. Lay your baby on the grass and allow them to feel the grass with their hands. Ben likes to pull at the grass and rip pieces out. This is great for tactile (touch) development.

  23. Watch the clouds go by and tell your baby all about the shapes you see to target language development.

  24. Crunch dried leaves with his feet and hands. Another great way to develop the tactile system.

  25. Experience different temperatures (and different types of clothing). Try to get outside during all kinds of weather - even on cold days, if just for a few minutes. Early exposure develops resiliency.

  26. Break open a cattail and feel the different textures. Again, close supervision is required.

  27. Allow your babe to squish mud in their hands. Prep a cloth and water beforehand for easy clean up.

  28. Pick wild berries for your baby-led weaning baby to try, or puree them for spoon-feeding.

What are some of your favourite outdoor activities to do with your baby?

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