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Squigz - "Fun little suckers"

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

What isn't fun about Squigz? They're colourful, they pop when you pull them apart, and you can't beat their amusing tag line.

I had never heard of Squigz until I went on a toy run with a colleague last year. We thought they might be a fun reward to use between therapeutic activities, so we grabbed a bucket and put it in our cart. Within a few days, Squigz had become one of our most used therapy tools.

What's so great about Squigz? Well...

They're great for building

These guys suction together so your child can build whatever they want - towers, animals, bridges - the sky's the limit.

They're perfect for learning colours

Squigz come in bright colours that are perfect for colour sorting and practicing colour naming. Have your child sort them into buckets based on colour, or name the colours with your child as they're building. Information is always retained better when it's presented during play!

They can make you stronger

These little guys pack a serious punch when it comes to suction. Stick them to your wall, tabletop, under chairs, wherever, and have your child pull them off. Make it into a scavenger hunt for an extra good time. This is also great for sensory seeking children who need heavy work opportunities throughout the day.

They're a fun way to encourage drawing

I like to stick Squigz to a dry erase board (or mirror) and have children connect the dots. This is great for kids who are learning their pre-printing strokes. Placing two squigz either side by side or one on top of the other encourages the development of horizontal and vertical strokes. You can also make the corners of a square or triangle to practice more complex shapes.

They're a fun fidget

One piece on its own can be a fun piece to explore and fidget with, keeping little hands busy during quiet activities.

They make bath time fun

Stick them to the side of the tub and draw around them with bath crayons or markers. This is another way to make bath time fun for those kids who are nervous in the tub.

They grow with your child

Squigz come in a wide range of sizes. "Pip Squigz" come in packs of three and are great for babies six months and older. The regular Squigz (pictured above) are designed for children three years and up and "Mini Squigz" are great for older children.

They're safe & easy to clean

Squigz are BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

These are just some of the activities that you can do with Squiqz! Really, the options are endless!

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