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Kids in Slide

"Our little guy is 5, Autistic, and is a man of very few words. But since Steph started working with him, he actually asks for her. We have a MUCH better understanding of his sensory needs, and have tools at home now to help him cope with those “overloaded” moments throughout his day. It’s a safe place where he can be himself, and Steph is great with letting him lead the session when he needs to. We are very lucky to have this service here for those who need it!"

"We have been on a waiting list for OT since last June, so having Stephanie in our community was such a blessing. We hired her for a private session with our daughter and she connected with her right away. She gave us a sensory profile and suggested great new toys (that I never knew existed) to help our daughter grow. We learned so much and are so grateful to have her services locally."

"We went to adaptABLE OT when our 10-month old was showing no signs of interest in crawling. Stephanie showed us some exercises to help her develop some strength and reassured us that this was normal for a low birthweight baby. A few weeks later we have a confident, curious, and crawling girl! The play space at adaptABLE is wonderful, and we're so glad to have Stephanie as a resource as our little girl grows."

"Stephanie, thank you so much for not only understanding the positioning need of our tiniest, sickest patient; but for going above and beyond to find alternatives to make him comfortable. Your kindness and compassion and desire to give excellent care is commendable! Thank you again."

“Stephanie is a phenomenal OT. She always explained everything clearly and allowed me to participate in my son’s sessions. We have learned so much on how to help my son.”

"Two of our youngsters see Steph. Our son, 5, has gained so much more control of his body since going to OT with Steph. Our 3 year old daughter has texture issues with food. She would never sit down for any meals and had to go back on baby formula because she started losing weight. 4 doctors could not help us but a simple vibrating pad on her chair now makes her actually want to sit at the table. It’s a continuous battle but she is now gaining weight. Thank you Steph. The kids always look forward to their sessions."

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